ITEM #65304


TRAILER - 18'x 28' LED SCREEN, 6500 NITS


2010 50' LED Screen Trailer w/ 17'x 27' Screen (1-1.65" aspect ratio, as close to 16:0 as you can get without being in 1-1:78) - LIANTRONICS 10mm LED SCREENS - 6500 nits - IP rating: 65 front, 54 back - Screen rotates 360 degrees - 70kw Generator - SCREEN WAS NEW IN 2018 - Was used at the 2021 Super Bowl

  • The screen can be used in the down position, or raised to over 20' - Tarp system can also close around the mast when the screen is in the raised position

Custom trailer was built by facility that the seller wishes to keep proprietary at this time, but will provide all details if/when a deal is negotiated