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Well maintained Master Series Elite Steadicam including an iso-elastic Master Series Arm, a barely used Master Series Vest (I opted for a Rear mounted Harness and stopped using the original Vest years ago), including 3 Master Series Batteries in good working order and an additional 2 or 3 which will require re-celling. To make matters a bit easier, also including an adaptor to allow for the use of traditional Anton Bauer Bricks which happen to be almost identical in weight to the Steadicam Batteries so balancing is a breeze.

Also included, a Docking Bracket to allow for balancing the rig, and docking between takes. The ultra bright Monitor is the best in its class and also features an adjustable Frame line Generator. It can work between 4:3 and 16:9, and can invert for quick transition to low mode. It can handle the heaviest cameras available and can also be suitable for lighter full size cameras. It is a bit too much rig to be used with DSLRs as it really wants a minimum payload of about 13lbs.

This Steadicam is a 12V system but as it was made to shoot Features and high end work, it also comes with a 12 to 24 Volt inverter, which is ultra light (less than a pound) and mates right to the sled in a very elegant way.

The heart and soul of this rig is the Gimbal, which, like the Arm, is beautifully machined. The arm was recently sent to TIffen for a full evaluation, and they said it was in great shape and required nothing. That said, while everything works perfectly, it of course shows cosmetic wear from years of good service.

The rig will come in a Hard Case

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